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That software may be around for a very long time….write it well.

During the holidays I was surfing the web and discovered forums dedicated to software that I wrote almost a decade ago. It felt really good discovering that there are hordes of consultants out there being certified on architecture, designs and API that I conceived and developed (There is nothing like discovering that people’s passing of a certification hinges upon them knowing the meaning of a phrase or term that you coined).  

Feeling proud of myself and maybe even a little boastful, I decided to anonymously answer a question in one of the free forums since I would “obviously” be the final authority on such matters.  As soon as I posted the “obviously correct” answer to the question, there was a response from one veteran consultant who indicated that I did not know what I was talking about, I had it all wrong and he proceeded to teach me the correct usage of the part of the software under discussion. WHOA!!! Wait a minute!!! But, I created the software!!! You can’t tell me the “correct usage” of my own API. It turns out that after so many years of consulting on the software, many consultants have come up with very creative workarounds and ingenious uses of the software.  I tip my hat to them because they are now doing things with the software that I did not even imagine at the time that I designed and developed the software.  I was both proud and humbled after reading the response from the consultant.  

This experience reminded me of the importance of architecting, designing and developing enduring software because you never know how long your code will be out there making a difference in people’s lives.

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